I live in a house placed in nice forest. My first cat is Hermi, we took her four years ago from owner who wanted to kill her and other kittens from this litter. She is a bit SIB.
Hermi is neutered.
Then came to us my first real SIB n 24 OPHELIA Peridot from Czech. She is sweet, well socialized and very brave girl. She has just got some success on the show.
The second our SIB  is n 23 NEFERTITI from Amante s cattery in Finland. She is nice girl with wild character. She goes her own way in every situations.
The third is n 22 BENJAMIN from cattery Balladin in Finland. Nice, very sweet boy is not afraid of anything likes people, aspecialy kids! Then two of our kids stayed with us - Leader Siber Felis and Keep Siber Felis and came to our cattery Dushka Czar PóÅ‚nocy.
Our cats spend time playing together, running as our house is long:), or sleeping placed in our bed:)) and of course going outside on the lash or to their volier.
I want my cats be happy, healthy and strong and I know it is possible when they are non nervous and frightened.
 As to my breeding program:
I don t want to involve at least several individuals and extending over several generations, as commercial color for example. In my opinion it is important to have breeding program to try to help the recovery of  endangered real sib cats by preserving the existing gene pool.

So my way is to breed cats as close to real sib as it is possibile, strong, free of genetic diseases, with contact to people, happy, and having contact with nature too, The contact with nature is very important and enjoying them, I now can see the difference in behaving being outside, between when they arrived and now. This way is good for me and my cats too.

Information for those interested in Siberian kittens:

free - kitten looking for a house, you can report the desire to book

observation - one is like a kitten is growing, it is still slow, strategic projections may wish to submit your reservation

reserved - deposit paid, kitten unavailable. The basis for the book kitten is a deposit.

Our Siberian kittens leave home at the age of at least 12 weeks. They are vaccinated, dewormed and house trained. Kittens leave the cattery provided with:
international health book
certificate of health, parents

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